We just had a great few weeks of travel and visiting.  We spent some time at our lake house.  Friends came to visit for a while.  It was the usual pattern for our summer.  And I feel just as energized as I always do in the middle of August after vacationing.  Maybe this year I can stay calm about all of the crazy plans I have in my head.  Here’s a short list of what I’d like to do in the next few days:

Clean and paint the porch; Paint the dining room; Learn how to put in hardwood flooring for the dining room; Paint the bathroom and get new towels and decorations; Rip up all of the carpet in the basement; Set up a science area for the kids’ lessons; Plan a good reading program for my youngest daughter; Find additional activities and practice work to supplement Frosty’s online school; Maintain a set schedule for finding new translation clients for myself; Rip out every weed in the yard and establish nice azalea beds across the front of the house; Maintain general cleanliness; Eradicate all pet fur from the house.

That should keep me busy.