Two days ago (August 25) I got back from my awesome trip to Florida visiting my grandparents! While I was there, I went to a waterpark, Kennedy Space Center, and St. Augustine.

At the Kennedy Space Center, I learned a lot about the moon, and space travel. I even got to go on a ride that makes it feel like you are really being launched into space! In St. Augustine, I went to the Lightner Museum, which is where a guy puts his collections, which are other people’s collections. I also went to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and museum, where I had to walk up all 219 steps to get to the top! Then we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum, the first one ever to open. There was lots of really neat stuff in there. The next day, we went to the Old Jail, where they pretend that you are actually in the year 1908 being arrested. After the Old Jail, we went to the Fountain of Youth (which by the way, the water tastes really bad!). They had 3 stops you see, the Fountain, the Planetarium, and a presentation with a huge globe. Next we went to the History museum and the Oldest House.

And when we got home from all of those things, I got in my grandparent’s pool!