The dishwasher is fixed! It’s true!

I wish I had video of my reaction once I had it all hooked up and pressed “Normal Cycle.” I literally hopped up and down in circles, hooting and hollering. It was like I had never pushed a button and had something turn on before. It was like I had invented electricity. My older daughter is unsure of my stability on this issue.

Below are a couple of photos of the final stage of work.

A repair action shot:

Paul models his flashlight pose for the camera:

Kelly fiddles with wires some more:

And here is a thrilling snapshot of the dishwasher running the normal cycle, as it was designed to do:

It’s like magic.

I have an epilogue activity planned for this dishwasher saga. I need time to work with it this weekend. I think it will be gross, and I can’t wait to share it.