Crazy plans

My grandparents are visiting today, and we are going to do some fun stuff. We are going to Color Me Mine, which is a paint your own pottery place. And it is awesome. Then we are going to play on the Wii. I can’t wait to hit my grandpa’s mii in the face with a snowball! My grandpa is also going to give us an art lecture about mass, form, structure, and motion. Then later today I have an art club with my online school. I am going to do perspective building drawings with the club. Then maybe I will take my grandpa to run up a brutal hill in our neighborhood. That hill is practically straight up and down. I am going to drop him off at the bottom, and meet him at the top!




Right now I am building a haunted house with my sister for Halloween. So far, we have most of the parts, we are going to buy more later. We are trying to build the walls now. Out mom has big sheets of old wall that we are standing up, and we will also use furniture for trails. To get ready for the haunted house, we had to clean out our attic. I will post more when it is done!

The attic

We now have a big space cleared. The big silver board

is going to be a wall.

As it is the end of September, I am starting to think of a costume for this Halloween. Last year, I was the Pillsbury Doughboy, which was very cool, but half of the people said I had to give them cookies before I was allowed any candy. This meant I wasted 20 valuable seconds per house standing their smiling while they laugh, where as I could be going to other houses to get more candy. My friend I went trick-or-treating with had the same problem. She was a witch, and brought a broom. In this case, everyone told her she had to sweep their house before she could get any candy. This was another precious 20 seconds, all in all 40 seconds wasted.

Pillsbury Doughboy Costume

This year I am considering a few ideas. Here they are:

Someone from Harry Potter (either Ginny, Luna, Snape, or Voldemort)

Half girl, half boy


The Moon

Chocolate Tootsie Roll Pop

Tracy from the movie ‘Hairspray’


Happy Halloween!

The dishwasher is 8 years old and we use it about 11 times a week.  Who can blame it for starting to break?  The only wash cycle that works is “China” because the electric panel is otherwise fried (don’t get me started about the bad decision we made as a society to make every button electronic). Now it’s making some kind of high-pitched whining sound.  Maybe a belt – if dishwashers even have those.

So here’s the CURRENT appliance:


And here’s the UPGRADE I’ve selected:
Dish rack

Ha! I will not be held hostage by appliances that decide to break down – with the exception of the hot water heater, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and air conditioner.

Too bad I couldn’t capture my family’s reaction in a photo, although they’re being supportive. This is a temporary solution. I haven’t yet scheduled time to figure out if I can fix the dishwasher. The fact that I want to try to fix the machine and not replace it is also mystifying those I live with.

In the mean time, I should probably look into routines that people (used to) use to hand wash their dishes. I’m sure there was a daily rhythm to this that households everywhere followed.

We just had a great few weeks of travel and visiting.  We spent some time at our lake house.  Friends came to visit for a while.  It was the usual pattern for our summer.  And I feel just as energized as I always do in the middle of August after vacationing.  Maybe this year I can stay calm about all of the crazy plans I have in my head.  Here’s a short list of what I’d like to do in the next few days:

Clean and paint the porch; Paint the dining room; Learn how to put in hardwood flooring for the dining room; Paint the bathroom and get new towels and decorations; Rip up all of the carpet in the basement; Set up a science area for the kids’ lessons; Plan a good reading program for my youngest daughter; Find additional activities and practice work to supplement Frosty’s online school; Maintain a set schedule for finding new translation clients for myself; Rip out every weed in the yard and establish nice azalea beds across the front of the house; Maintain general cleanliness; Eradicate all pet fur from the house.

That should keep me busy.