About a year ago I started renting kayaks here and there to see if I like paddling enough to buy my own kayak.

Kayak tip

I did, so this past spring I bought a very cute little Swifty 9.5 foot recreational kayak (with paddle and PFD).

New kayak

The whole family enjoyed it with our friends this summer on the shores of Oneida Lake, but I’ve only gone out alone with it once or twice.

Kayaking by canal at sunset

For my own peace of mind, I need some training and practice before I head out alone on any extended trips far from shore. As an incentive, I’m posting my kayaking goals for the whole world to see.  This way maybe I’ll do them.

Kelly’s Kayaking Goals (in no particular order):

1. Join a paddling club.  Perhaps the Chesapeake Paddlers Association (CPA).

2. Find a beginner’s class.  Something offered through the CPA or a local community center group?

3. Get extra equipment (pump, whistle, dry bag, spray skirt, etc.)

4. Study up on maritime information like tides and weather.

5. Practice kayaking skills at Fairland this winter.

6. Find a kayaking buddy or buy a second kayak and equipment so a family member can join me : )

7. Go kayaking more often!

Then maybe I’ll get to see more of this:

Osprey at Jug Bay