The Christmas season is here, so I decided to do some decorating in my room. I first put up a mini Christmas tree my mom was going to throw away a couple years ago, so now it’s mine. I put a Christmas spinner in my light box, which spins in the box and projects images on the outside of the box. I put fake snow in my room, christmas stuffed animals, and stuffed penguins around the room. I also put a light up Santa, and Christmas window clings in the room. Here are some pictures:

Yesterday, I went to sit on Santa’s lap at the mall with my sister and my friend. First, you write a letter to Santa and get an elf hat, then press the button on the naughty or nice meter, then put the letter in a mailbox, which sprays snow at you. The snow is really soap. Then you get to sit on Santa’s lap. Throughout the whole thing hidden cameras are taking pictures of you so you can buy them for large amounts of money later. I asked Santa for peace and happiness, and a 15.4 inch Macbook Pro. Then he gave me a rubber bracelet that says “Santa Believes in Me” on it, and you get a candy cane. He told me not to wait up for him on Christmas Eve.

We also got a lot of deals at Build-a-Bear!