Reading and reading strategies are on my mind right now because of a course I am taking about teaching reading in the content areas. The course goes towards maintaining my certification.

I spent all of my school learning years reading every textbook like a novel. That is a whole lot of years reading from front to back with a useless highlighter in my hand.

Then I spent my years as a teacher using textbooks very little. I suppose I figured that based on my own experience, reading assignments wouldn’t necessarily be useful.

I’ve only just begun with this reading course, but it is clear that I never had training like this when I was originally certified. Never did we discuss how to improve comprehension or learn strategies that would help students search out and retain information from a text.

I am one of those people who likes school and thinks doing a little homework is a great way to spend an afternoon. If I am annoyed by realizing that I missed out on reading skills, what about those who suffer through school?

Perhaps in a future post, I’ll write about specific things I’ve learned, but I’m curious about where students, parents, and teachers in the school system are with with this.

Who knew that one is not supposed to read the entire book?

Do teachers teach reading strategies now?

If so, does it happen at all age levels?

Or are the kids still reading front to back with highlighters?