Weekend activities

Last week I went to Robert Goddard Space Flight Center. It was really cool! There was lots of information about space missions, and outer space. I recommend anyone who likes space to go and see all of the cool information, and the awesome science on a sphere, which is looking at pictures and video on a sphere screen.


This Halloween was great! I got 85 pieces of candy, and spread it into plastic bags and froze a lot of them so I will have candy until March. I got about 18 Snickers.


I went trick-or-treating with lots of other kids. Afterword we went through the Haunted House (pictures soon) me and my sister made. This year I was Dobby from Harry Potter. One guy gave me his hat (he took it back) to pretend to free me!

Dobby Halloween Costume

A Dobby Halloween costume is pretty easy to make. For the sheet, I took an old white bed sheet and used it to wipe up some water on my porch to make it dirty. Then I soaked it in tea for a few minutes until it was slightly stained. I wore light colored clothing underneath that. For my head, I bought a bald cap, which was pretty inexpensive. You might need to buy special adhesive to attach it. After the bald cap, I put on my elf ears. The elf ears were also inexpensive, and I bought them and the bald cap at a Halloween store. My mom put them on toward the top of my ear, not like the instructions say. They were also applied with a slight tilt, so they look like Dobby’s ears. The ears also need special adhesive. For the skin color, I mixed white face paint with at little brown, and smeared it on my face and bald cap (after the cap was put on). And that is how to make a Dobby costume!


I hope you had a good Halloween!

Right now I am building a haunted house with my sister for Halloween. So far, we have most of the parts, we are going to buy more later. We are trying to build the walls now. Out mom has big sheets of old wall that we are standing up, and we will also use furniture for trails. To get ready for the haunted house, we had to clean out our attic. I will post more when it is done!

The attic

We now have a big space cleared. The big silver board

is going to be a wall.

Here is the picture of the week:

View from Mount Wachusset

Today at the mall, my mom bought the new Wii Fit Plus, which came out today. We already own the regular Wii Fit and balance board, so mom bought just the game.

The Wii Fit Plus transfers all of our data from the old Wii Fit, and puts it on the new one. That way we don’t have to set up a whole new Mii. And that is very helpful.

Wii Balance Board

The balance board

So far, I have ridden around a beach on a Segway, had a snowball fight with other Miis, ran through an obstacle course, practiced kung fu, and much more! I also created a user for our cat Samantha, and I can weigh her on the game. You can also add dogs and babies. I can set up my own routine, which is a few activities strung together, and you do not have to stop in between each one to get the the next activitiy. The new Wii Fit also shows you how many calories you burn after each activity, and how many calories you have burned the whole day.

I really like the new Wii Fit Plus, and all the new activities and games that are included.

Yesterday was my yard sale and it was great, it was very hot, but fun!

Tomorrow I’m having a yard sale so I have to wake up at 6:00 AM. But I kinda like waking up early. But not every morning. I’ve got most of my stuff ready to sell, but I still want to find more stuff. I hope I get customers. Or else I’ll just be out there for nothing, and I would have woken up at 6:00 in the morning for nothing. But I don’t really care about waking up at 6:00 AM.