This Halloween was great! I got 85 pieces of candy, and spread it into plastic bags and froze a lot of them so I will have candy until March. I got about 18 Snickers.


I went trick-or-treating with lots of other kids. Afterword we went through the Haunted House (pictures soon) me and my sister made. This year I was Dobby from Harry Potter. One guy gave me his hat (he took it back) to pretend to free me!

Dobby Halloween Costume

A Dobby Halloween costume is pretty easy to make. For the sheet, I took an old white bed sheet and used it to wipe up some water on my porch to make it dirty. Then I soaked it in tea for a few minutes until it was slightly stained. I wore light colored clothing underneath that. For my head, I bought a bald cap, which was pretty inexpensive. You might need to buy special adhesive to attach it. After the bald cap, I put on my elf ears. The elf ears were also inexpensive, and I bought them and the bald cap at a Halloween store. My mom put them on toward the top of my ear, not like the instructions say. They were also applied with a slight tilt, so they look like Dobby’s ears. The ears also need special adhesive. For the skin color, I mixed white face paint with at little brown, and smeared it on my face and bald cap (after the cap was put on). And that is how to make a Dobby costume!


I hope you had a good Halloween!