Here are 5 delicious recipes that I ate in August, that were not eaten at a restaurant:

1. Orzo with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, zucchini, and garlic. You mix all the ingredients together, add some zucchini and cheese on the top, and bake until it is warm. This is one of my favorite dishes of all time!

2. Chicken, mushroom, red pepper, and onion packets. Wrap all of the ingredients in aluminum foil and put on a fire. I enjoyed this on my vacation at the beach.

3. BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, guacamole and chips, and tomatoes and mozzarella cheese covered with oil and balsamic vinegar. This is an awesome meal that is great for summer.

4. Spinach salad with chicken, roasted pecans, raspberries, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. As a side, we had tomatoes, mozzarella, oil and balsamic vinegar.

5. Chicken casserole. Made with chicken, chicken soup, broccoli, cheese, and rice. This is a really easy and yummy recipe.