We’re on our third day of rainy, chilly weather in this area. It’s the kind of weather that can wreck people’s moods and make them feel blah.

What can a person do about cold, rainy weather on a Friday afternoon? For a possible answer, let’s check in with the family cat.

To aid in investigating this matter, I have again used my husband’s fancy Garmin Forerunner 305 running watch. It’s not just for running anymore.

Here is what today’s intense study has revealed.

Step 1: The cat pinpoints a good location.

Samantha's nap location

Step 2: The cat moves at a speed of approximately 0.00 ft/s producing an empty Speed vs. Time graph.

Samantha's nap data

Here is photographic data of the cat (Samantha) during the period of observation:

Samantha napping with the Garmin

I pretty much just put the Garmin next to her and came back an hour later. Amazingly, she was still there.

As we move deeper into this rainy Friday afternoon, I am going to get geared up to light a fire in the fire place, make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and prepare fajitas for dinner.

Have a great weekend!