When school stopped for the summer, I started focusing on Girl Scouts and activities I have to complete in order to get my Silver Award. The Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout (my level) can earn. I have to earn 4 Interest Projects (badges), complete 15 leadership hours, earn 2 charms (they are kinda like badges), do a community service project, and much more.

So when I was on vacation, I pulled my Interest Project book out and looked at the IPs I needed to earn. I did a little planning and decided to interview a local business owner for the business badge. I asked someone who worked at a gift shop if I could interview them. He scheduled a time I could talk to another lady who worked there, who had more experience. The interview went really well. I got lots of advice on starting my own business, and tips to make a business successful.

Also coming up, I am doing leadership hours at a camping trip in September. I will be teaching younger girls about the Leave No Trace Program with a kit I rented from the Girl Scout council.