As it is the end of September, I am starting to think of a costume for this Halloween. Last year, I was the Pillsbury Doughboy, which was very cool, but half of the people said I had to give them cookies before I was allowed any candy. This meant I wasted 20 valuable seconds per house standing their smiling while they laugh, where as I could be going to other houses to get more candy. My friend I went trick-or-treating with had the same problem. She was a witch, and brought a broom. In this case, everyone told her she had to sweep their house before she could get any candy. This was another precious 20 seconds, all in all 40 seconds wasted.

Pillsbury Doughboy Costume

This year I am considering a few ideas. Here they are:

Someone from Harry Potter (either Ginny, Luna, Snape, or Voldemort)

Half girl, half boy


The Moon

Chocolate Tootsie Roll Pop

Tracy from the movie ‘Hairspray’


Happy Halloween!