The dishwasher is 8 years old and we use it about 11 times a week.  Who can blame it for starting to break?  The only wash cycle that works is “China” because the electric panel is otherwise fried (don’t get me started about the bad decision we made as a society to make every button electronic). Now it’s making some kind of high-pitched whining sound.  Maybe a belt – if dishwashers even have those.

So here’s the CURRENT appliance:


And here’s the UPGRADE I’ve selected:
Dish rack

Ha! I will not be held hostage by appliances that decide to break down – with the exception of the hot water heater, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and air conditioner.

Too bad I couldn’t capture my family’s reaction in a photo, although they’re being supportive. This is a temporary solution. I haven’t yet scheduled time to figure out if I can fix the dishwasher. The fact that I want to try to fix the machine and not replace it is also mystifying those I live with.

In the mean time, I should probably look into routines that people (used to) use to hand wash their dishes. I’m sure there was a daily rhythm to this that households everywhere followed.