Last night, well, early this morning at 12:00 I woke my mom up like she asked so we could go see the Leonid Meteor Shower. So we went outside in the 47 degree weather in the middle of the night. There were stars everywhere, but we live in an area between two big cities, so to others it might look pretty lame.

We stood out there for a while not knowing where to look, when finally mom went inside to look up where they might be coming from. But nothing on the Internet helped, so we went back outside. We stood there with our necks bent back, which was very painful. Then we went back inside to look up where they were coming from again.

And we went back outside.

We saw nothing after a half an hour, and this was at about 1:10. We went to bed, not seeing anything. Actually, my mom saw a meteor, but we don’t think that was part of the Leonid.

But at least I got to see a bunch of stars!