It is time to confront the dishwasher. As reported here, we started washing dishes by hand because our dishwasher was breaking. Over the past few months, fewer of the wash cycles have been available, so we were left with only the “China” cycle. The “China” cycle isn’t that effective.

After Internet researching, I guessed that the problem was based on either the electrical control panel (inside the door) or the control panel console that has the start buttons on it. Either of these parts seems to cost roughly $150. While this is cheaper than a new dishwasher, I’d still rather buy kayaking gear with the money, so I’ve been putting it off.

Here is the patient in the process of being disassembled:

Dishwasher disassembled

To take the dishwasher door apart, I had to buy a screwdriver set that has a six-pointed star shape. This is where cell phones come in handy. I took a picture of the screw head with a ruler next to it using my cell phone. Then at the Home Depot I was able to make sure I had the right size.

Screwdriver with star tip

Here is the faulty console, or control panel:

Dishwasher control panel

I think I have found the problem:

Faulty dishwasher wiring

That corroded wiring is attached to the back of the control panel. So, while I call around for the part (or eventually buy it online), we are still washing by hand.

As an aside – while we await the part, there is enough grime built up inside all of the door parts to keep the entire family busy with cleaning for a day or two. I cannot include pictures. It would be too embarrassing.¬†However, if you are one of those people who can’t sleep knowing that there is dirt skulking in a corner of your house, then you need to take apart your dishwasher and get to work.